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Custom Events (Extra Activities)

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Custom Events and Activities

Event / Activity Description

Event - Find to Win

Automatic Hide & Seek event

Random Rewards:

WCoins: 20 ~ 200;

RUUD: 500 ~ 7000;

Goblin Points: 200 ~ 1000;

Bless of Light: Low ~ Middle ~ Greater;

Monsters: Golden Budge Dragon, Ice Queen, Balrog;

Event - Quiz

Automatic Questions & Answer event

Command: /quiz (shows time left until next Quiz);

Command: /answer (submits your answer on question);

Reward: 20 ~ 50 WCoins

Activity - Raffle

Automatically chosen 1 random player each 1 hour every day

Reward: 30 WCoins

Event - Happy Hour

Automatically increases EXP & Master EXP for 1 hour

Global announcement appears in game when it starts / ends

Event - Lorencia Drop

Automatic drop of items at Lorencia town center

Drop:  Jewels, Boxes, Ruud Boxes




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