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Pandora Mining (Lucky Game)

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Test your luck in mining!

Pandora Mining is a feature which allows players to mine for jewel of bless.

To start mining you have to get “Pandora Pick”

You can get it from: Moss Gambler, and also sells in-game X Shop.


After you have the Pandora Pick, you’ll have to go one of the following maps:

- LostTower, - Tarkan, - Aida, - Raklion, - PeaceSwamp, - Kubera Mine


There are 3 kinds of mining areas : Blue Mining Area, Purple Mining Area, Gold Mining Area.

Each color represents the difficulty of the mine and the durability consumption. View table below:


Stage Blue Purple Gold
1 39% Jewel of Bless 1 42% : Jewel of Bless 2x 44% : Jewel of Bless 4x
2 39% Jewel of Bless 3 42% : Jewel of Bless 6x 44% : Jewel of Bless 12x
3 39% Jewel of Bless 7 42% : Jewel of Bless 15x 44% : Jewel of Bless 29x
4 39% Jewel of Bless 16 42% : Jewel of Bless 34x 44% : Jewel of Bless 65x
5 39% Jewel of Bless 33 42% : Jewel of Bless 67x 44% : Jewel of Bless 125x
Special 15% Jewel of Bless 100x 10% : Jewel of Bless 250x 8% : Jewel of Bless 500x
Durability 2 4 8


Each Pandora Pick have 255 durability.

To restore the durability of the pick you need to put Jewel of Bless on it. 

Each Jewel of Bless recovers 4 durability points.

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