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  1. Feedback comparing the Low40x to other servers that provide a low xp server. Based on fun, which is the important part. 1. Zen Cost to reset is far to expensive / Zen drops are far to low. I don't want to have to afk for 12 hours at level 400 just to pick up zen. 2. Game Crashes Every 12 hours, sometimes less, sometimes more. Ridiculous. 3. Zero interaction from GMs & no in game events. 4. Miracle Coins are worthless - not many items worth gambling for. 5. Ruud rewards in DS / BC are WAY to low - sometimes 150 RUUD per box (600-1000 is ideal). Feels like a waste of time. 6. Lack of Hot Spots in late zones (DD, AA, RSI, SC) - literally stuck in OldK from 15 - 50rr. You beat the game if you make it to 20rr and in OldK. 7. Skill levels 800+ XP is way to hard / low xp. Example: I'm in Arenill Temple, 50rr BK/SM/EE with Full Exc Ancient Soul getting 4million xp/second. Takes HOURS just to get 1 level. Not worth the time - Especially for an SM when you need skill points for Meteor Cooldown. Also, after 30 mins all your equipment durability is gone and you do no damage. 8. Never seen a Garuda Flame drop. 9. Low RUUD rewards from DS + Low XP 800 ML+ = pointless going any further than Blue Eye. 10. Hackers on the server from the very start for 2 weeks, only found out at the first CS, the Liveguard does nothing. Fix these and your 40x server might last longer than 2 weeks.
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